operator-sdk run local

operator-sdk run local

Run an Operator locally


This command will run your Operator locally by building the operator binary with the ability to access a kubernetes cluster using a kubeconfig file

operator-sdk run local [flags]


      --enable-delve             Start the operator using the delve debugger
      --go-ldflags string        Set Go linker options
  -h, --help                     help for local
      --kubeconfig string        The file path to kubernetes configuration file. Defaults to location specified by $KUBECONFIG, or to default file rules if not set
      --operator-flags string    The flags that the operator needs. Example: "--flag1 value1 --flag2=value2"
      --watch-namespace string   The namespace where the operator watches for changes. Set "" for AllNamespaces, set "ns1,ns2" for MultiNamespace