operator-sdk cleanup packagemanifests

operator-sdk cleanup packagemanifests

Clean up an Operator in the package manifests format deployed with OLM


‘cleanup packagemanifests’ destroys an Operator deployed with OLM using the ‘run packagemanifests’ command. The command’s argument must be set to a valid package manifests root directory, ex. ‘/packagemanifests’.

operator-sdk cleanup packagemanifests [flags]


  -h, --help                        help for packagemanifests
      --include strings             Path to Kubernetes resource manifests, ex. Role, Subscription. These supplement or override defaults generated by run/cleanup
      --install-mode string         InstallMode to create OperatorGroup with. Format: InstallModeType[=ns1,ns2[, ...]]
      --kubeconfig string           The file path to kubernetes configuration file. Defaults to location specified by $KUBECONFIG, or to default file rules if not set
      --olm-namespace string        The namespace where OLM is installed (default "olm")
      --operator-namespace string   The namespace where operator resources are created. It must already exist in the cluster or be defined in a manifest passed to --include
      --operator-version string     Version of operator to deploy
      --timeout duration            Time to wait for the command to complete before failing (default 2m0s)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --verbose   Enable verbose logging